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Our family restaurant was established by our refugee parents who fled Vietnam in 1978. They arrived in the US in 1979 and soon after opened Andy Nguyen Restaurant in 1984. The original menu offered authentic Vietnamese cuisine and a variety of French dishes such as Coco Vin Rouge (chicken in red wine), Duck A L’orange, and Seafood Bouillabaisse.

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We Offer A Full Vegetarian Menu

We Cater your Needs. The elegant style of catering for your style and budget. Any kind of event from weddings to birthdays.

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2007 Broadway
Sacramento, CA


monday am 11:00-3:00 pm 4:00-9:00
tueseday am 11:00-3:00 pm 4:00-9:00
wednesday am 11:00-3:00 pm 4:00-9:00
thursday am 11:00-3:00 pm 4:00-9:00
friday am 11:00-3:00 pm 4:00-9:30
saturday am 11:00-9:30
sunday am 11:00-9:00