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About Us

Our family restaurant was established by our refugee parents who fled Vietnam in 1978. They arrived in US in 1979 and soon after opened Andy Nguyen Restaurant in 1984. Original menu offered authentic Vietnamese cuisine and a variety of French dishes such as Coco Vin Rouge (chicken in red wine), Duck A L’orange and Seafood Bouillabaisse.

As the years went by, the local customers were so fond of fresh shrimp and pork spring rolls, Charbroiled pork and shrimp over rice noodles, Pho and a selective offering of vegetarian dishes that the our mother decided just to offer authentic Vietnamese dishes originated by her own recipes that she grew up with in Saigon and her experiences with cooking vegetarian as a Buddhist.

In 2005, inspired by our trip to India, our faith in Buddhism, the belief in humane and compassionate living style and concept of healthy mind and body, we decided to offer a full vegetarian menu.

Our Food

We proudly source organic and
local foods when possible:

  • Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms
  • Capay Valley Farm Shop
  • Apple Creek Venerid
  • Full Belly Farm
"I am a vegetarian and this food just blew me away. By far the best vegetarian/vegan food I've ever had."

– Hajime B

"The food here is exceptional. It is flavorful, but feels very clean and pure."

– Sanjan M


2007 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95818
United States

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(916) 736-1157

Open Every Day

11am – 9pm